About Us

Hello All!!

I'm Tiffany, the host of They Didn't Tell You Podcast and a newly minted entrepreneur! I'm so happy that you landed here to learn a little bit about me. It has always been my dream to lend both, my voice and creativity towards something I'm passionate about. And so, here we are... At the start of something amazing!! I have been thinking about creating my podcast for over a year and at the start of 2019, I decided to bring it to fruition. I feel like said Ciara's prayer, but for a podcast lol. 

My goal is to do what I personally feel we should all be doing, and that's to motivate and encourage one another. Realizing that there truly is strength in numbers, I'm seeking out my village of those who are down to do the same!

I hope that you tune into my podcast each and every Friday! It's available on Apple, Google, and Spotify! Also, I love music and at the end of every episode I highlight a song/album that I feel pulls the episode together melodically lol. So, you feel free to check out the my podcast's playlist, on Apple, at anytime!

Stay tuned for new products and if you've already purchased something, THANK YOU (inserts praying emoji hands)! 

Y'all Real Ones <3

- Tiffany